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We at “www​.dorset​down​sheep​.co​.uk and Mot­ley Pen­guin Web Design” guar­an­tee our com­mit­ment to respect­ing and pro­tect­ing your online pri­vacy. This includes your need and your right to know what we do with the per­sonal infor­ma­tion you share with us. It also guides our poli­cies regard­ing the man­age­ment of this data, includ­ing how the infor­ma­tion is col­lected, processed, and for what pur­poses. ““www​.dorset​down​sheep​.co​.uk and Mot­ley Pen­guin Web Design”” refers to the web pages. By access­ing this web­site you are con­sent­ing to the way infor­ma­tion is col­lected and used, as described within this Pri­vacy Pol­icy. In return, “www​.dorset​down​sheep​.co​.uk and Mot­ley Pen­guin Web Design” gives the com­mit­ment that we will use the per­sonal data you pro­vide only in ways that are com­pat­i­ble with the fol­low­ing Pri­vacy Policy.


Every time you log on to our web­site your IP (Inter­net Pro­to­col) address reg­is­ters on our servers. Your IP address reveals no infor­ma­tion other than the num­ber assigned to you. We do not use this tech­nol­ogy to get any per­sonal data against your knowl­edge or free will (i.e., auto­mat­i­cally record­ing email addresses of vis­i­tors). Nor do we use it for any pur­pose other than to help us mon­i­tor traf­fic on our web­site, or (in case of crim­i­nal activ­ity or mis­use of our infor­ma­tion) to coop­er­ate with law enforcement.


We use a num­ber of dif­fer­ent cook­ies on our site. If you do not know what cook­ies are, or how to con­trol or delete them, then we rec­om­mend you visit http://​www​.about​cook​ies​.org for detailed guid­ance. The list below describe the cook­ies we use on this site and what we use them for. Cur­rently we oper­ate an ‘implied con­sent’ pol­icy which means that we assume you are happy with this usage. If you are not happy, then you should either not use this site, or you should delete the cook­ies hav­ing vis­ited the site, or you should browse the site using your browser’s anony­mous usage set­ting (called “Incog­nito” in Chrome, “InPri­vate” for Inter­net Explorer, “Pri­vate Brows­ing” in Fire­fox and Safari etc.)


These are cook­ies that are set by this web­site directly.

Google Ana­lyt­ics

We use Google Ana­lyt­ics to col­lect infor­ma­tion about vis­i­tor behav­iour on our web­site. Google Ana­lyt­ics stores infor­ma­tion about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here and what you click on. This Ana­lyt­ics data is col­lected via a JavaScript tag in the pages of our site and is not tied to per­son­ally iden­ti­fi­able information.We there­fore do not col­lect or store your per­sonal infor­ma­tion (e.g. your name or address) so this infor­ma­tion can­not be used to iden­tify who you are. You can find out more about Google’s posi­tion on pri­vacy as regards its ana­lyt­ics ser­vice at http://​www​.google​.co​.uk/​i​n​t​l​/​e​n​/​a​n​a​l​y​t​i​c​s​/​p​r​i​v​a​c​y​o​v​e​r​v​i​e​w​.​h​t​m​l
Joomla CMS:

Our web­site runs the pop­u­lar Joomla CMS and cook­ies are used to store basic data on your inter­ac­tions with Joomla, and whether you have logged into Joomla. We use a ses­sion cookie to remem­ber your log-​in for you if you are a reg­is­tered user and we deem these as being strictly nec­es­sary to the work­ing of the website.

If these are dis­abled then var­i­ous func­tion­al­ity on the site will be bro­ken. More infor­ma­tion on ses­sion cook­ies and what they are used for at http://​www​.allabout​cook​ies​.org/​c​o​o​k​i​e​s​/​s​e​s​s​i​o​n​-​c​o​o​k​i​e​s​-​u​s​e​d​-​f​o​r​.​h​t​m​l


These are cook­ies set on your machine by exter­nal web­sites whose ser­vices are used on this site. Cook­ies of this type are the shar­ing but­tons across the site allow vis­i­tors to share con­tent onto social net­works. Cook­ies are cur­rently set by LinkedIn, Twit­ter, Face­book, Google+ and Pin­ter­est. In order to imple­ment these but­tons, and con­nect them to the rel­e­vant social net­works and exter­nal sites, there are scripts from domains out­side of our web­site. You should be aware that these sites are likely to be col­lect­ing infor­ma­tion about what you are doing all around the inter­net, includ­ing on this web­site. You should check the respec­tive poli­cies of each of these sites to see how exactly they use your infor­ma­tion and to find out how to opt out, or delete, such information.

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